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♪ not the star attraction >> listen up, everybody. today is barings the we're going to clear manny pacquiao the start by two weeks.
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>> i talked to him on the phone and he told me he wanted to train and take care of some government stuff. he had six weeks before so i had no problem with it. he came and shaped like he said he was going to come and. i was happy about that. pla >> training is good, so far, so good. what we are doing every day is more intense than compared to the last few fights. >> those last few fights have been far from his most memorable, which has led his trainer to experiment with new forms of incentive. >> the thing is the sparring partners up to give them a thousand dollars bonus because i want them working at their best. i told him he could knock them down.
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1/2 to have him with a killer instinct. i want these guys going after him full force and i want him to respond full force. >> sparring is good and we keep busy, busy, busy all the time. my focus is throw a lot of combinations and if i get a chance to finish the fight, why not. >> aggressiveness served him well in his first two fights in the form of four knockdowns. today he drops a sparring partner for the first time in camp.
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>> now you are starting to throw your punches like manny pacquiao. very good. >> i can tell he is more aggressive and he is hungry. he wants to prove to everyone that he is victorious, he is a 1. >> a moment of silence please. >> following the pause for prayer, wrote tries to make good on his promise of the reward for a knock down. >> how about another one? okay? i told you. a deal is a deal. >> i can't accept that. it's my job. >> if you knock a couple more guys down, you certainly got to do marquez. thank you.
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he doesn't gamble any more. i'm happy. ♪ >> for 20 years in a neighborhood in mexico city upstairs from the shop, the boxing gym has accommodated hundreds of fighters. the wear and tear makes repairs occasionally necessary. today the staff works intently to fix a broken mount before the champion and residents begins his work out. marquez has been immersed in heavy training since mid october. and alison two weeks away from white knight, the boxer says preparations to take on manny pacquiao have been ongoing since their last meeting.
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4 s >> it is the 62 automatic time of the trainer will be in his corner for a fight. he remains focused on the work still to be done.
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>> even at the age of 39, marquez says his commitment to preparation is more complete than ever. >> the fighter and his camp are no stranger to camries. for this bout, there has been a change in policy. when it is time, total access is revoked.
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when you do what you love getting going in the morning is easy. last month and life like this was once a pipe dream for freddie roach back when he was growing up in a working-class town outside of boston. >> as a kid, you know, me and my high school sweetheart, we had at all planned out how many kids we're going to have.
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i was going to be a tree surgeon and that is what my dad did who and then i had to make a decision either to move to the west coast for my boxing career or let that go and be a working stiff at the hollywood gym now world renowned. >> hi, how are you? >> good. you? >> i'm good. >> his mother barbara has become part of the fabric here. >> i spent a lot of time in gyms when their father worked. after all those years when i came back here, it's like home. it's like coming home, you know. the smells are familiar and the
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people are familiar. it's just a nice place to be. so, it's a big part of my life, a big part of their life. a big part of our lives. >> the walls of the gym are lined with commemoratives of the hall of fame career. but 2012 has been undeniably difficult. with not only pacquiao's loss to bradley in june but also defeats of his other elite fighters. khan and chavez jr. with khan subsequently fired rea roach from his corner. >> i'm wondering if i'm losing my touch. i had a run there for like six years where at least five years where i only lost like three fights in that entire time. now i've lost like three in a row. it's not easy. you know, you sometimes can't
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sleep at night, and it bugs me. i know losing is part of life, but i hate to lose. >> december 8th then offers the perfect remedy for the frustration that lingers. his best fighter in the ring hungry to fell his longtime rival. >> it's everything. it's like it will justify everything i do. you're best known for your last fight. >> i need to do my best. i mean, i need to work and work hard to -- and i won't let him down. >> it's safe, okay. you're with me, swinging out here, okay. if you touch him here, beat him up, okay? he deserves it. >> he may have remarked a few days earlier that these training sessions have become about following the fighter's lead, but today, his agenda is apparent, and his student falls
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a boxing trainer's life requires a firm tolerance for routine. after so many years, nacho can hardly live without it. he returns every afternoon from the gym no later than 4:00. and immediately makes the same quiet mental escape with a dose of odd tory assistance. >> but after an hour or so, he's ready to tend to the work he's
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brought home with him. a cigar used to be a vital accessory to these sessions, but following a recent health scare, smoking has been replaced by a breathing apparatus. >> the diagnosis was in fact pneumon pneumonia, which the trainer believes he contracted on a plane.
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>> he turns 73 this past july. but at an age where many men might slow down, he thrives on the invigoration the corner gives him. it's there. he sees what others can't. it's there he watches over the boy he turned into a champion. >> but even as marquez may be nearing the end of his days in the ring, he recognizes his trainer will stay right where he is.
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it's at the heart of what's driven all of them here, whether it's another win, another chapter, another challenge. inevitably, they seek the unquenchable. what they have is significant. but what they don't is what truly matters. that's why a fourth fight makes sense to them. that's why another chance drives them forward. >> quick, quick, quick. come on.
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>> my hopes are to have a great celebration afterwards. finally shutting these guys up. shut nacho up and marquez up and knocking fthem out, and i think manny can do that. he's put him down four times and i think he can keep him down this time. >> i want impressive win for this fight. i just want to prove to all the people who have doubts in the last three fights.
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>> pacquiao/marquez 4 is one week away. stay tuned for the finale of "24/7, pacquiao/marquez 4. "
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♪ >> self reflection is a part of the holiday season. a time perhaps to ponder who you are. where you've been. and where you're going. for manny pacquiao, less than one week before his fourth bout with juan manuel marquez, the times for such contemplation are on mornings like this, on quiet
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roads in the crisp california air. his mind goes to places no one else can access. only he knows what he brings back. back at the gym on vine street, afternoons are hardly as placid. every move the fighter makes is closely monitored. and today, the cameras have multiplied. >> hello, anchl, and welcome inside the wild card boxing club in hollywood, california. >> a live production is under way at the gym. as the afternoon workout is being streamed across the world. including the heart of new york's times square. >> pacquiao barely seems to
9:31 pm
notice the chaos around him. by this point, he's well used to surprises at the wild card. often in the form of onlookers who want a peek at the champ at work. >> very difficult to keep everybody out of the gym. there's a lot of friends, a lot of family. takes management. we have to treat every situation individually. doing the best we can. >> bold-faced names tend to be allowed through the ropes. like on recent visits, actor and boxer aficionado mark wahlberg. former world champion evander holyfield, and basketball greats charles barkley and reggie miller. >> a special day for me and reggie because we're boxing fans. getting to spend a day watching one of the greatest boxers of all time train. >> just a few days go, pacquiao's wife made her first
9:32 pm
appearance, fleresh off a fligh from the philippines. >> also making a rare trip stateside for this fight, the boxer's father, rosalio. >> through it all, there commotion, the cameras, the callers, the boxer's focus has been sharp. a far cry from what transpired a year ago. >> last fight we fought against marquez, there was a lot of distractions. they are gone. i mean, him and the wife aren't going to get divorced like they were right before the last fight. there were a lot of problems there. manny has become a better person, a better husband. i askled, are you happy? she said i'm the happiest i've
9:33 pm
ever been. >> all the distractions are gone now and 100% focused for this fight. and i pray, pray to god. >> in mexico city, training camp for juan manuel marquez is winding down. and as the fighter arrived for his final workout at the romonsa gym, a sizable crowd is awaiting him. with his fourth meeting with pacquiao drawing near, he said he's anxious for the opening bell. >> the focus today is to maximize intensity. and the boxer looks to be peaking nicely after nearly two months in the gym.
9:34 pm
after more than a quarter century in marquez's corner, one might think that nacho has little left to teach his prized pupil, but the trainer knows after last instruction and every last punch could make the difference saturday night.
9:35 pm
>> for marquez, success in the ring has progressively extended his notoriety outside of it, as evidenced with a red carpet roll-out downtown. 1r0u7 surrounded by his family, he's at a premiere for pound for a pound. a documentary about his life. >> the curtain rises at 8:00 p.m. sharp. th a tablet in sydne. a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reached the top,
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during manny pacquiao's previous training camp, free time was devoted exclusively to bible study. this time out, religion is still a priority, but so are darts. >> the meticulously organized
9:40 pm
competition will be the last for the group pacquiao calls his l.a. boys, before they depart for las vegas tomorrow after training. the imminent travel seems to have the smallest member of the team a bit on edge. his master, however, appears completely collected. >> yeah, tomorrow we're leaving. it's exciting. >> upstairs from the tournament, pacquiao adviser and the fighter's assistant attend to some last-minute business. >> right now, we're giving tickets to the team l.a. boys. but we have multiple lists here, a list for politicians, a list for vips, a list for actors. we do this every fight, manny is involved with it and this is the first time ever he got half of it done and decided to go play darts and leave it to us. >> all in, pacquiao will be giving away more than a million
9:41 pm
dollars of tickets. >> i don't think anybody in the world of boxing has done this. it understates manny. he's got a huge, huge heart. >> as his opponent enjoys an evening of diversion, juan manuel marquez starts with a voyage with his sons to the airport in toluca where a private jet awaits to take him to l.a. for some promotional obligations. he's never brought his children with him to a fight in the u.s. and this time will be no different. but even though they won't be ringside, the youngsters are still anxious about saturday night.
9:42 pm
>> departure is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. sharp. but just before takeoff, the pilot turns the plane around. >> we came back because the pressurization controller wasn't working quite right, so we're going to have somebody look at it. >> when the problem with the pressure gauge is confirmed, it's revealed the tires could have burst at altitude, meaning the decision to ground the jet is met with little resistance. in the airport lounge, the first priority is to amass essential supplies. before the group moves on to discussing their next move. they can catch a late commercial flight or delay the trip a day. nacho is typically resolute in his opinion.
9:43 pm
>> we're ready to go, right, and the airplane suddenly stopped. i guest tested it, sent us to a different airline. it's good it happened here and not there. so we're ready to go. >> 90 minutes later, the party is seated on flight 5910 to los angeles. and it takes off without issue. when they touch down at lax four hours later, the late change in plans hasn't crossed up those anticipating their arrival. the small item of confusion with their driver is easily navigated. a good night's sleep will at last be had by all.
9:44 pm
on get-away day in los angeles, a priceless accessory is being prepped for travel. manny pacquiao's dog, pacman. noel is pacman's official handler, a full-time job that requires him to provide constant care for the jack russell terrier. >> sometimes we left him here, i almost cried, you know, i love him. i really love this dog, you know. here, here. no. kiss, kiss, kiss. okay, kiss. kiss. okay, kiss. >> he and pacman trail the fighter almost everywhere he goes. including his hotel of choice in las vegas, the mand allmandalay. >> before, what we did was put him in a bag to go inside the mandalay. then when we see pacman is
9:45 pm
already popular, they say the pets are okay for mandalay. >> while the duo make last-minute preparations for the day's journey, the boxer gets to the gym early for a brief final workout. four rounds of sparring followed by four rounds of mitts are on the agenda. but for the scheduled departure through the desert. >> we're not going to do any photography, none during sparring today. thank you very much. >> just one exception is permitted to record.
9:46 pm
>> he's fresh. he's explosive. he's smiling, he's happy. never getting hit so hard in the mitts. he was hitting me with good shots today. >> while the workout wraps up, outside, the team bus is being loaded for the trip. mitch carter has been driving team pacquiao's bus since 2008 and as usual, he's on the list of lucky recipients of a free ticket to the fight. >> i feel very fortunate to be able to see the fight because a lot of times fights are sold out. and if it wasn't for manny, i wouldn't get that chance. >> carter may be a valued member of the extend eed aunt rog, but the champ itself never rides in the bus itself, preferring to head to vegas in a less conspicuous part of the caravan. still, in four hours, they'll all come upon the familiar
9:47 pm
lights in the desert together. [ male announcer ] break the grip of aches or arthritis pain
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at the espn studios in downtown los angeles, juan manuel marquez is fulfilling some media obligations before heading to las vegas. >> the last two fights, the judges don't give a good decision. manny pacquiao is very strong. he's a tough fighter. i try to look for the knockout because the judges give the decision. >> it's a 30-minute drive to the van nuys airport where the plane awaits and this flight departs on schedule with fight week beckoning in las vegas.
9:52 pm
>> manny pacquiao's caravan ends up arriving in town just after his opponent. the entourage disembarks at 8:00 p.m. at the mandolay bay with the boss and wife right behind. he walks to his suite on the 60th floor just as dinner is being laid out. a morsel of micromanagement ensues. >> they're putting more -- i got it up to 100 people. >> the entourage approaches the buffet eagerly in some cases,
9:53 pm
ravenishly in other cases. >> eat the food. >> while the champion and a select few opt for a more civilized meal in the dining room. ♪ >> tuesday, team pacquiao is back at it early. heading to the unlv track for a workout. but the boxer, pleased where he is four days before the bell sounds. >> everybody is happy. and the whole thing. i know what i'm going to do. >> he's there. he's there. he's very where i want him to be. he actually enjoys this. when he's having fun, he's the best fighter in the world. >> as pacquiao wientnd down his
9:54 pm
training session, another visitor arrives unexpectedly to get work in. and juan manuel marquez do not alter his route as he heads to the track eyed warily by the other side. >> could be a big rumble? >> no. that's just little. >> on this bright las vegas morning, the sides are in the same place for the first time since their press tour in september. as marquez begins his workout, some members of team pacquiao keep a close watch. the overlap is in truth short. as pacquiao and company soon head for the parking lot. >> freddie roach. >> for nacho, it was an unexpected early look at the opponent. and perhaps a reminder of the challenge that lies ahead.
9:55 pm
>> at the top ranked gym that afternoon, team pacquiao goes through a light workout. finalizing a game plan that's been coming together for two months. >> steady. don't look for anything, just be steady. fight your fight. win every round one at a time. all right? >> for pacquiao and roach, the bright lights of the super fight have become common place, but if for years the trainer entered the rain without any doubts about the outcome. recent challenges have perhaps invited thoughts of uncertainty
9:56 pm
and what might come next. >> if he doesn't pull the trigger in this fight and i see a decline in his skills, um, i might ask him to retire. because i don't want manny to be one of those guys that just is fighting for money or whatever. you know, i want manny to be at his best at all times. and there will be a hard day for me and him, i'm sure, but he -- i think he want to be president of the philippines at some point, and he has another goal. and hopefully i'll find a new champion. >> wednesday at the mgm grand. the two teams reunite again for the final press conference. after all the history, all the controversy, all the anticipation, few words are needed.
9:57 pm
>> i need to prove something for this fight and i'm ready for that, so it's going to be a great fight on saturday. so thank you so much to all of you and have a good day. >> all of us have complicated relationships with time. it's a gift we use to mold our lives. it's a force that does things to us we can do nothing about. glimpse time only in your own ever-evolving reflection. feel it only in the ways it changes you within.
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eight years have passed since they first met in the ring. eight years that have transformed them profoundly. blessings have multiplied and matured. responsibilities have heightened their profile. the rewards to those who have guided them have multiplied. and while fame may have come with hazard and occasional recalibration of values has proven indispensable. through three memorable clashes woven amid a collection of opponents, successes and trials, they have reached this point in apparent agreement. neither can move forward in time
9:59 pm
without a resolution from the other. >> more speed. >> what have eight years done to manny pacquiao and juan manuel marquez? what have they done with the time fate has granted them? complicated questions for which the boxing ring once again promises the simplest of answers. >> don't miss the live fight saturday night on

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